Miloslav Šimek a Jakub Koś při koncertě ve Velkých Popovicích

Miloslav Šimek and Jakub Koś performing in Velké Popovice

We would like to visit your church (or other place) and arrange spiritual music performance for you and your guests.

We prefer playing the local organ but if no instrument is available in the locality, nothing is lost, we bring electronic organ.

Thanks to our experience, we compile convenient track list according to the type of occasion, listeners, organ character, and acoustical conditions.

The price of the concert depends on the program demands, the distance from Prague, and on what you can afford.

Repertoire headlines

Antonín Dvořák – Biblical songs
Camille Saint-Saëns – Ave Maria
Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart – Ave verum, Ave Maria
Edward Grieg – Ave maris stella
Franz Schubert –  Ave Maria
Sebastian Temple – St. Francis Prayer
César Franck  –  Panis Angelicus

Organ pieces:

Johann Sebastian Bach – preludium a fugues
Jan Křtitel Kuchař – pastorela, fantasie…

and other authors

Organ improvisation

In the case of interest or questions do not hesitate to contact us without obligation.